Looe Neighbourhood Plan

Looe Neighbourhood Plan


The big day for our Neighbourhood Plan has been announced - its 12th May. Voting cards should be arriving in the next few days.

Following extensive community engagement finishing with a 10 week long formal public consultation last spring, the Looe Neighbourhood Development Plan was reviewed during the autumn by an Independent Examiner.

The Examiner found that, subject to some modifications, the Plan was fit for purpose and recommended to Cornwall Council that it should go forward to a community Referendum.

Cornwall Council has now considered the Examiner's recommendations, agreed the modifications, and approved that the Plan should go to Referendum.

At the Referendum everyone on the electoral roll in Looe will have a vote. The Referendum question will be whether you agree that  Cornwall Council, which is the Local Planning Authority, should use Plan to help decide planning applications in the Looe Town Council area. If the vote is 'yes' then the Plan will be considered along with the Cornwall Local Plan and national planning policies. If the vote is 'no' then only the Cornwall Local Plan and national policies will be used.

You can find out more on the Referendum via this link:

Pending the Referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan has considerable weight in planning application decisions.

Voting cards etc will be sent by Cornwall Council to all electors. If you are regsitered to vote by post your poll card will include details. If you want to convert to a postal vote you will need to apply to Cornwall Council by 5pm on Tuesday 26th April. If you want to appoint a proxy vote you will need to apply by 5pm on 4th May. If you are not registered to vote you will need to register by 25th April. You can do this online

The aim behind the Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that local conditions are better taken into account in planning decisions. You can see more about this below.

Background on the Looe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Developed under the leadership of the Looe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, supported by Looe Town Council, the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan sets out a range of short and long term planning priorities aimed at ensuring that Looe is a thriving town that meets the needs of its residents and visitors in a sustainable way.

“Our vision is that by 2030 Looe will be a community that has revitalised its maritime and coastal based economy into one that brings prosperity to all and significantly reduces its impact on the environment, whilst maintaining its special character“ said Cornwall and Looe Town Councillor Edwina Hannaford, Joint Chair of the LNDP Steering Group.

“We have worked closely with local residents, the business community and our visitors to find out what they feel makes Looe special and how they want to see our town develop in the future. We are looking forward to working with all organisations in the town to use our neighbourhood development plan to build a thriving and prosperous community”.

The Looe Neighbourhood Plan is particulary focused on the issue of climate change and the impacts that Looe is now experiencing which could get much worse in the future without action being taken.

“While the  NDP supports the principle of developing a flood defence scheme for Looe, it is certainly not promoting any specific scheme“ said James Lundy, Looe Town Councillor and Joint Chair of the LNDP Steering Group.   “Our aim is to develop clear planning policies which will protect the town from flooding and enable appropriate future development, whilst safeguarding the  ecology and distinctiveness of the harbour area and the wider town. We also need to make sure that no development occurs on the landward side of any possible scheme that would make it impossible to carry out flood defence work”.

As a key member of the Looe NDP Steering Group, and one of the partners involved in developing a flood defence scheme, Looe Town Council is keen to see everyone working together to secure a bright future for the town.

“This is a very exciting time for Looe, with a number of major projects coming together “
said Mayor Martin Gregory.  “We need to make sure that the whole town pulls together to make the most of these opportunities.”

“As a Town Council we want Looe to be a place which meets the needs of its existing residents, as well as ensuring that we do not prejudice the wellbeing of future generations.  A place which celebrates its heritage, protects its environment and maintains its very special character, and achieving this means that we all need to work together. ”

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