Looe Neighbourhood Plan

Looe Neighbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood Plan workshop hears feedback from community survey and focuses on the future for Looe.

On 12th July a Neighbourhood Plan Workshop was held in the Millpool Centre to consider the feedback from the large scale community survey carried out in the spring and summer of 2016. Attendance was from a wide variety of invitations to community groups and organisations from all sectors of the town.

The meeting aimed to:
  • Look at the results from the long period of widespread community engagement that had recently completed. Identify the key issues facing Looe that the Neighbourhood Plan could aim to tackle.
  • Discuss draft visions for the future of Looe that is based on these results.
  • Spend a little time looking at how we will do the work to create the planning policies and proposals that will achieve the vision.

An interim 'vision' for the future of Looe emerged:
 ‘A community that has revitalised its maritime and coastal based economy into one that brings prosperity to all and significantly reduces its impact on the environment, whilst maintaining its special character’

It was agreed to set up Working Groups to immediately start investigating and preparing new ideas for the future:
  • Housing and Environment
  • Shopping and access to services
  • Economy
  • Heritage and culture/tourism

A copy of the full report of the day can be found here:

Workshop Main Report

Workshop Main Report Appendices 1 and 3

Workshop Main Report Appendix 2

13 September 2016

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