Looe Neighbourhood Plan

Do you want to get more involved?

As it’s a Plan made by local people, we can all get involved in various ways:

  1. Help decide what should be in the plan by taking part in workshops, drop-in sessions, exhibitions and surveys.
  2. Keep up-to-date via the dedicated web-site, posters, the press and radio.
  3. Talk about the Plan with friends and neighbours – spread the word!
  4. Contribute your ideas and suggestions.
  5. Comment on the draft plan before it goes off for inspection and we all vote on it.
  6. Volunteer practical help to create the Plan, from note-taking to photocopying, doing surveys, delivering leaflets, and supporting exhibitions.
  7. Join a working party that focuses on a particular topic.

And if you have plenty of time to spare…volunteer to serve on the Neighbourhood Plan Team to help organise the creation of the Plan.

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