Looe Neighbourhood Plan

How we are organised - Working Groups

Access to Services and Shopping

Sheila Brock
Susannah Gill
Cllr Armand Toms
Chris Roy (Volunteer) (Lead)
Jill Fleming (Volunteer)
Paul Penhaligan (Volunteer)

Terms of Reference (pdf)   |   Reports


Edmund Wilson (Lead)
Dr Kathy Lang
Cllr Armand Toms
Gwen Challoner (Volunteer)
Joy Higgs (Volunteer)
John Martin (Volunteer)
Diane Trerise (Volunteer)
Vivienne Woodgate (Volunteer)

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Heritage, Culture and Tourism

Cllr Mrs Edwina Hannaford
Tanya Brittain (Volunteer) (Lead)
Edith Coles (Volunteer)
Bob Fleming (Volunteer)
Mark Joce (Volunteer)
Paul Myles (Volunteer)
Greg Spence (Volunteer)
Paul Whitehouse (Volunteer)

Terms of Reference (pdf)   |   Reports

Housing and Environment

James Lundy (Lead)
Ross Fisher
Cllr Mrs Edwina Hannaford
David Gamblin (Volunteer)
Laurie Tansley (Volunteer)

Terms of Reference (pdf)   |   Reports

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